Fill (Interior) Description

Interior fill description has the following attributes:

  • Backcolor
  • Forecolor
  • Hatch style - the Windows standard flavors of hatches, not limited to the ones available in MS Project.
  • Is Gradient fill - determines if the fill should be gradient based
  • Gradient Angle

If the interior is to be filled with a gradient brush, the gradient angle (in degrees) defaults is zero. When using gradient it is inadvisable to use hatch styles as this may result in unseemly images.

  • Alpha channel (applies to the forecolor)

The Alpha channel value range is [0...255], where 0 is for complete transparency, and 255 is the solid color. If a color is already specified with an alpha channel value, this value will be applied.

Note: The .NET hatch style enumeration has a small bug. The first two values are Horizontal. Select the first for no hatch style.