Changing Timescale

The tier scales can be changed in these respects:

  1. Change the width of a single division of the Bottom tier to facilitate visual perception. This is usually done when the Gantt bars of tasks are too short or too long. Normally a division of the Bottom tier is calculated to accomodate the width of the bottom tier labels.

    Press the LMB whilst over any scale division of the bottom tier. Move the cursor left or right. This will increase/decrease the visible width of the tiers.

  2. Change the time scale of the bottom tier in order to see smaller or larger section of the project.

    This is similar to the above: hover over a division of the bottom tier, press the [Control] key, press LMB and drag left or right. The effect is immediate.

    The keyboard shortcuts are: [Control] + [/] and [Control] + [*].

To adjusts the labels of the tiers, press RMB over the the tiers and select Tiers. The Tiers properties will be displayed.