Progress Lines options for Gantt Views

There are three flavours of progress lines - single, recurring progress lines as well as such for a given set of days, all configurable in the Progress Lines tab of the Display Options dialog.


General Options

  • Enable Progress Lines

    When progress lines are enabled, they are shown in the Gantt view. When disabled, they are not shown, irrespective of the actual settings for each type of progress line.

  • Display Plan in Relation to

    Progress lines are displayed in relation to the Actual Plan or the Baseline plan.

Progress Lines

100 %
  • Single Progress Line

    The progress line displayed in respect to one of the predefined date, e.g. Start date, Current Date, Finish date, starting from a specified date.

  • Recurring Progress Lines

    Display a series of progress lines between specified start and finish dates. The lines are drawn at a specified step, being number of divisions of the bottom tier.

  • Progress lines for specific dates

    Specify a set of progress lines drawn at given set of dates.

Each of the above share a Reference Dates, which can be a single or set of dates, according to the type of progress lines desired.

All types of progress lines contain a Visible flag, Reference Dates, and Line style


  • To switch off display of a particular type of progress line, either set the Visible flag to No, or set the respective line width to None (as elsewhere)
  • The Offset option and the Display Plan option are not available in Project Viewer Lite.