Timescale (Tiers)

In this dialog you can specify the common parameters and parameters for the three tiers of the Gantt scale. The groups and parameters are:


Tier Bars

  • Top tier

  • Middle tier

  • Bottom tier

Display parameters

  • Auto colour links

    Auto select link colours. The colour for normal and critical links is ignored.

  • Show non-working time

    Show/hide stripes corresponding to non-working time.Show/hide stripes corresponding to non-working time.

  • Non-working time color and other attributes

    Color and fill attributes for the non-working time stripes.

  • Approximate non-working time stripes

    Round up or not non-working time stripes to the bottom tier divisions.

  • Show Non-working Time Over Items

    Determines if the non-working time stripes are drawn over the items (tasks).

Each tier has a number of parameters that can be controlled by the user. The tier parameters are are divided in two subgroups for each tier - the scale parameters and parameters specifying the visual appearence of the tier

Scale Parameters

  • Visible

    Determines if that particular tier is visible or not. Note: The bottom tier is always visible, i.e. the bottom tier is always part of the Gantt tier's configuration.

  • Time unit

    Base time unit for each division of the tier.

  • Count

    the multiplicity of the time unit for a single division of the tier.

  • Format

    Format using which time is displayed;

  • External Width

    The width of each division. Sometimes the automatically calculated width is too small and cannot accomodate data, which is displayed in the Usage Views, say. This value is user definable and when defined it overrides the tier's division width.

Tier's appearence

  • Background color

    Background color of the tier.

  • Working time text color

    The text color labeling a working time division.

  • Non-working time text color

    The text color labeling non-working time division.

  • Font

    Font used to display tier division's labels.

  • Allignment

    Allignment of the date label within a single division cell

  • Vertical lines

    Lines used to draw the division boundaries.

  • Horizontal lines

    The lines used to separate tiers horizontally.