Time Links (Relationships)

There are several groups which control the appearence, connection and link methods used to display relationships in Gantt Charts, which are as follows,



  • Auto link colour

    Turn auto link colour on or off.

  • Link

    Line attributes for normal links. Normal links by default are shown in blue.

  • Critical Link

    Line attributes for critical links. Critical links by default are shown in red.


  • Linkway

    Type of links drawn. The valid links for Gantt are: (a) Rectilinear; and (b) Straight. Depending on the view there may be variations of these.

  • Exident

    Determines the type of link start.

  • Incident

    Determines the way a link ends.


  • Show Links

    Show/Hide links

  • Show Labels

    Show/Hide labels. Labels are small boxes containing an indicator of the type of links, e.g. FF, FS, SS, SF

  • Show Arrows

    Show/Hide arrows of links

  • Show Slant

    Display slant along link breaks

  • Font

    Font to use in drawing labels