Working with Tables

This "Select Table" dialog shows the compatible tables for the main view and allows not only selection, but also creation and deletion of tables. Actual editing of tables is done through the Insert/Hide/Edit Columns commands, accessible through the context menu of the column headers.

If any changes are made such as columns inserted, then you can select Tables > Save Current Table from the context menu.

Select Table

There are two ways to select a table - select the required table from the list box and if it is not the current table (current table name is displayed above the list box) then the OK button are enabled. The Cancel button leaves the current table unchanged.


In addition to selecting a different table, this dialog allows you to create new tables, or delete existing ones.

Create a Table

To create a new table, select an existing one and press the plus button. The effect is that of a copy action. Click twice the name of the new table and give it a desired name in place.

Remove a Table

To remove a table, select an existing one and press the minus button. Tables shown in bold means that they are either part of some view or they are defined by default.

Note: Tables with their names in the list box that are shown in bold cannot be deleted, nor renamed.

Editing a Table

The actual editing of a table consists of a few operations:

  • Insert column
  • Edit column
  • Hide column
  • Resize columns

In Insert/Edit column, leeway is given in the extra alignment options of column headers and cell content, in order to achieve more aesthetic results.


The Edit Column dialog is similar, but with disabled field name.