Working with Views

Main Views

The available main views are accessible through the Side bar, which contains Gantt View, Tracking Gantt and RBS. Additional views can be defined by pushing the [Views...] on the Side bar.

A main view is defined by a table and graphic view, which appear on the left and right panes, respecively. One can work with both panes, or either left or right pane. Which pane is shown/hidden can be controlled from the general view toolbar, containing the commands:

  • Hide left pane - this leaves the graphic side visible and hides the table
  • Show both panes - this shows both sides of a view.
  • Hide right pane - this leaves the table visible and hides the graphic view.


New views can only be based on the existing set of main views, which serve as base views. The tables and corresponding graphic views are selectable from existing sets of primitive views.

All of this works as follows:

  • Select a view from a predefined set of views (see fig.1);

    Select a view from the list and press OK. The selected view will become the current view.

  • Add new views

    To add new view, select an item from the list and press the plus button. The new view name will appear in the list tagged with an automatically generated number to ensure unique view name.

  • Remove existing views

    To remove a view, select an item from the list and press the minus button. The selected view will be removed.

    Note: The views shown in bold cannot be removed.

  • Rename an existing view

    To rename a view clink on its name after it has been selected, then type the new name in place of the old.

    Note: The views shown in bold cannot be renamed.

  • Edit existing views

    The primitive views of which the selected view comprises, can be changed from their respective sets. A filter can be specified. This is done in the Edit tab, where a table and graphics view can be selected.


Primitive Views

Primitive views are tables and graphic views. These can be changed from within a main view, without saving it for later reuse. This facility is done, so that one does not spent time to define many views, each of which may well be used only once.

The left and right views can be changed using the [Table] and [Views] commands, accessible through the respective context menus.

Item (Sub)views

Item (a task or resource) data can be viewed in a form appearing below the main view. The forms contain quick and easy way to view essential information about a particular item. To view item data select the relevent task or resource and push the Properties toggle button in the general view toolbar. Once displayed, selection of another item will result in the data for the selected item being displayed.

An alternative way is to double click the row header for a particular item in order for the properties form to appear.

An exception to the above is the [Project Information], which can be selected from the [Project] menu.

An item subview is displayed until closed with the Properties button or the main view is changed.