Usage and Error Reporting

This functionality is intended to identify problems with the usage of and possible errors in the software, in order for Taktone to provide better and timely service.

One can send usage logs with stack traces of exceptions raised when errors are encountered. This enables us to pinpoint sources of errors in order to correct them in a timely fashion.


The status of the program is displayed on the far right of the Status Line. Clicking on an the status icon presents the following commands:

  • View log ...

    The .log is opened in the default text editor, e.g. Notepad.exe. (It may be the case that the .log extension is not associated with a text editor in older Windows version. In such a case (i) create an empty .log file; (ii) Right click on the file and select properties; and (iii) change/set the program which opens the file).

  • Ignore Previous Errors

    Use this to indicate that the program is in a safe state. When the green tick mark appears, the .log will not be sent to Taktone if an error had occured. (see below).

  • Purge old .log files.

    A unique log file is created for each session which are located in the User's directory. Although they are relatively small, it is good idea to purge them from time to time.

  • Report a Problem ...


There are two ways to report an error - directly from the program or through the site. The available options are given in the System tab of Tools Options.

Manual Error Reporting