Gantt Navigation

The navigation in Gantt Views is quite comprehensive. Using single commands (from the navigation toolbar) you can scroll to:

  • Project start/finish;
  • Beginning/end of given task;
  • Specific date;
  • Show everything within a specified date range; and
  • Show the entire project.

The scrolling functionality is available through the Gantt tiers, as in the following:

  1. Bidirectional horizontal scroll

    Press the LMB anywhere in the tier area and move the cursor left or right - the gantt chart will scroll with the cursor. The mouse can be moved anywhere whilst the LMB is pressed for horizontal scrolling.

  2. Changing the visible Gantt interval, can also be done using tiers command.

The horizontal scrollbar in Gantt based views, offers slower horizontal scrolling than the bidirectional horizontal scroll.

In addition to the above the following commands navigating to a specific standard date are available through the context menu of the Tiers bars:

  • Current date
  • Status date
  • Specific date