Line Description

Each line has the following attributes:

  • colour

    A rather extensive and comprehensive set of colours is available, including the Windows system colours. It is advisable to use colours as per the Windows theme used. This generally will be inline with the users' pleasure in choice of colours.

  • Alpha channel (foreground color)

    The Alpha channel value range is [0..255], where 0 is completely transparent, and 255 is the solid color. If a color is already specified with an alpha channel value, this value will overwrite it.

  • Dash style - the Windows standard flavours of dashed, dotted and solid lines;

    These are the standard line styles provided by Windows.

  • Line width - one of the predefined values:

    • Thinnest
    • Thinner
    • Thin
    • Normal
    • Thick
    • Thicker
    • Thickest
    • None

    If no line is to be drawn, select None for line width.