Quick Start

Part 1

  1. Open a .mpp or .xml Microsoft Project file. The program will open in Gantt Chart view.
  2. Scroll using the horizontal scrollbar in the left pane, towards the middle of the scollbar. You should be able to see the project plan, if not than scroll down until we see a visible part of the project.
  3. Now scroll back to the top and press the project start button in the navigation bar. As you may be in the middle, scropp back up to the beginning - project tasks wil be vshould be visible. (At this point you are almost an expert in using the project viewer)
  4. Try out the other navigation commands (in green).
  5. You can can also scroll (very fast> horizontally by dragging the cursor over the time scale of the Gantt part.

Part 2

  1. To Change the scale of the Timescale use the ugly buttons with left or right arrows on top. One of them will increase the scale showing a bigger time range, whereas the other will reduce the time range of the view. This works from seconds to years. A detailed description of the tiers (timescale) dialog can be found here.