If one or one's organization have come to the conclusion that a project viewer is necessary rather than full blown project management system is required, that would normally mean that collaboration facilities are already established and are or will be in place. For this reason only a simple Email sending facilities is included making use of the default Email client in use, e.g. Outlook in Windows. This way the user will not be burdened to use yet another Email client facility.

Sending Quick Emails

Pressing the email button invokes the system's default email client. If any items have been selected their data (as appearing in the table) is inserted in the body of a new email created.

As there may be different reasons or causes to send an email, e.g. "good job", "do it faster", "task finished", templates are not included. Such are particular to the specific style of work and management experience and practice. It is, however, important for the recepient to know what the email context and respective concern is for. Thus the data from the selected items is included in the body of the message. The data is taken from the currently displayed table. This way things like "task is slipping", or "task is overbudget" would be readily available without having to copy/paste long rows and formating them in the email.

Example: Select a couple of tasks from the current view, and press the Mail button. The default mail client will appear with data of the selected items. Enter the addresses, subject line, a congratulatory sentence and send it on.

Note: The length of the email that can be send using Project Viewer Lite is limited to about 2000 characters. Excess will be truncated.

Sending large Emails

For large emails, i.e. many recepients and content, which more than 2000 characters are necessary, the Email client must be configured, which can be done in the Tools>Options>Emails dialog.

Paid editions only.