System Options


The UI language can be changed in this tab and is described in Languages

Error reporting

These include the configuration for error reporting.

  • Enable logging.

    If this is not enabled no logs will be created, and the rest of the options will have no effect if turned on.

  • Send Session Usage Data.

    When set, the .log file is sent to Taktone's server at the end of a session of the program.

  • Report Errors.

    When turned on, the .log file is send to Taktone's server on exit of the program, if an error has occured during the session. If this flag is set, then it overrides the Send Session Usage Data flag. If the program terminates before its normal exit, then one can manually send the .log to Taktone's server (see below).

  • Purge .log files on Exit.

    Each session of the program has it's unique log file. It may be the case that if the program is used many times the number of log files increases. When this flag is set, all .log files generated by the program will be deleted on Exit.

The default configuration is:

Enable Logging Yes
Send Session Usage Data No
Report Errors Yes

The numbers of errors and warnings are displayed on the Status line.

Note: No personal data nor project data is sent by the above functionality. If one feels that a project file should also be sent for analysis then use Manual Error Reporting or send the file by email.