UI Disposition

The user interface is in accord with some of the best Windows traditions. It consists of a menu bar and a set of toolbars containing the essential set of commands applicable to each context.

Main View area

The work area consists of views, each od which consists of 2 panes. The left pane is useally a table view, and the right is usually a chart or a graphics view.


  • File
    • Open
    • Close
    • Recent Files
    • Exit
  • Edit
    • Cut
    • Copy
    • Paste
    • Select All
    • Find…
  • View
    • Task Views
    • Resource Views
    • More Views…
  • Project
    • Project Information
    • Outlines
    • Use Raw Data
  • Tools
    • Customize…
    • Options…
  • Help
    • Contents…
    • Check for Updates…
    • Upgrade…
    • About…


The toolbars contain the essential commands needed to operate on views. The tollbars are:

  • Sidebar (Views)
  • Standard toolbar - contains the commands to open and edit commands.
  • General view commands
    • Show/Hide grid.
    • Show outline of the task/resource structure.
    • Hide/Show the view panes.
    • Selected/Current item properties.
    • Send mail command
  • Filter toolbar for selection of filter for task or resource views.
  • Outlines and structure selection toolbar
    • Outline Expand/Collapse commands
    • Control of view scope.
  • Timescale navigation and task attribute display toolbar.

Configuring Toolbars

One can select which toolbars are shown and which are not in the Customize dialog

Available in paid license editions.