Project File Converter Project File Converter

The Project File Converter is a simple tool which extends the functionality of many Project Management tools. It is a facility for conversion between file formats of Project Management systems to formats which available tools have been designed to work with.

The Project File Converter can be invaluable in preliminary project reviews, and whenever project stakeholders need project updates, in cases where they use different project management systems which are covered by the Project File Converter.

The usage scenarios are many, but essentially they boil down to "One is given a Primavera Project file, say, and a review is needed - (i) Convert the Primavera file to MS xml; (ii) View the MS xml with Project Viewer Lite, MS Project (if available), or other utility at hand. The converse may also apply.

The Project File Converter uses directly the functionality of MPXJ.

At the present time we are able to offer occasional email support for this product. However, we publish regular updates with contain bug fixes and enhancements.

If you find a bug you can send brief description of bugs and/or comments using the Contact page. We shall do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Although MPXJ works better than most of the time, some rogue files cannot be processed by MPXJ. This may be frustrating at times, but we also have come across a number of files produced by MS Project 2016 that cannot be read back by the same MS Project 2016.


  • The Project Libre MPXJ option has not been tested here.
  • Problems have been encountered with conversion of .xer files to .mpx format. If so, the .xer files can be converted to MS .xml and then be converted to .mpx