Project Viewer Lite Project Viewer Lite

Project Viewer Lite is a tool directed at staff and project stakeholders who need to be informed of aspects of the project plan and execution, throughout the project lifecycle. The project viewer can be utilized prior and during project reviews, in progress tracking, initiating change requests, and other actions that have direct bearing on the project, whilst preserving the project integrity and full retention of control by the Project Manager.

Initially, Project Viewer Lite was conceived as a viewer for MSPDI (MS Project Data Interchange) .xml format, and was gradually extended to handle .mpp files as well. Imported views from MS Project can be modified, configured and saved for later use. One can view 2007 .mpp files, as if they were produced using MS Project 2010, 2013 or 2016, and in any other combinations of MS Project editions (provided the respective views are previously imported and saved by the user from other .mpp compatible .mpp files). Included in Project Viewer Lite are views from MS Project 2016.

Project Viewer Lite has been designed for speed and ease of use. The traditional Windows user interface is employed, as it offers direct and unimpeded access to and use of the available commands without claiming additional screen space or need to follow complicated workflows. Its resemblance to MS Project paves the way to a wealth of widely available applicable information and tutorials. This Viewer retains its traditional Windows user interface as it offers direct and unimpeded access to and use of all available commands.

The supported user interface languages presently includes English, French, German, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian.

  • Gantt charts for Planning, Tracking and Critical path display
  • Comprehensive set of tables containing relevant and purpose specific data sets
  • Powerful project navigational facilities
  • Inherent WBS Views
  • Progress lines over all Gantt charts
  • Task and resource detailed views
  • Create and use common visual configurations that are standard in your company or in your partners organization.
  • Edit various gantt bar types to suit your needs using the comprehensive Gantt bar editor.
  • Display task paths, critical and late tasks as in MS Project
  • Utilize GoogleDrive, OneDrive and others through their standard apps
  • Dynamic switching between languages without need to restart or change the installation options of the program
  • Simple project portfolio functionality
  • Opens MS Project .mpp and .xml files
  • Access directly the Windows default EMail client with item specific data
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
  • RBS view for hierarchical display of resources according to their outline structure (not yet supported in MS Project)
  • and more...

Note: Features may be added or removed without notice.

Some items in the menus and dialogs are grayed out - this means that they may have been disabled in the workflow or are not available in Project Viewer Lite. There are a few cases of these, which may be confusing at times, but one gets used to them fairly quickly.


A version of the viewer, which is not free, is forthcoming.

If you find a bug, you can send brief description and/or comments to

Translations in other then the English languuage may be incomplete. We add new terms sporadically, which are displayed in English in any selected language. With every release we try to include more translations, as resources allow.

Next release will be in early March 2019

Release Notes


Change log:

  • Graphics optimizations
  • Fixes to issues found in v1809.1.2

Issues found in v1809.1.3

  1. Hide rollups when summary expanded not effective. Workaround: Switch off rollups or do not use the collapse summary button. fixed
  2. Bars with zero length appear as dots (no values). fixed
  3. Incorrect sorting of var names in some dialogs (Insert Column dialog and others). fixed
  4. Crash when using Croatian. Workaround: Work can continue. fixed for all languages.
  5. Added some missing translations.
  6. Inconsistencies in handling Custom Fields. Workaround: None. Under review


Change log:

  • Fixes to issues found in v1809.1.1

Issues found in v1809.1.2

  1. Bad format in the Predecessors and Successors table columns. Workaround: Open the task Properties, the Predecessor and Successor data appears therein. fixed
  2. Rollups with bar splits not shown correctly. Workaround: Switch off bar splits. fixed


Change log:

  • Added explicit save view commands in the Gantt views context menu.
  • Added option for auto colour links.
  • Fixes to issues found in v1809 and v1809.1

Issues found in v1809.1.1

  1. Error in constraint handling affecting some automatically scheduled tasks. Workaround: None/Inconvenient for a user to have to go through in the normal course of use. (Load;Save)*(file) operations on the specific file with MSP 2016 results in a different schedule from the one previously saved. Oops! Out of scope
  2. In some files, the duration units show up as 'u' for some summary tasks. Workaround: The units can be infered from the subordinate tasks. fixed
  3. Missing predecessor and successors numbers in the Predecessors and Successors table columns. Workaround: Open the task Properties, the Predecessor and Successor data appears therein.fixed
  4. Correction to some inaccurate translations.fixed
  5. More distinct colors from the task colors for auto-coloured links may be better.fixed


Change log:

  • Added explicit save table commands in table context menu.
  • Corrected milestone error.
  • Fixed special case of bar splits
  • Corrected definition of driving predecessors.
  • Help is now online. (in process)
  • Other fixes.

Issues found in v1809.1

  1. Some debug variables show up in the Bar styles dialog. Workaround: Ignore them. No implications.fixed
  2. Crash in the addition of many view and table definitions, interleaved with deletions. Workaround: None. User able to continue work.fixed
  3. The OK button on Select Table and Select Views dialogs are always available, irrespective of wheather a view is selected or not. Solves UI inconsistency when the dialogs are only used to create copies of or deletion of existing views and there is no view selection. Workaround: Select the current or any other view for the OK button to appear.fixed


Change log:

  • Added "Show Raw Data" (in Project menu) switch for displaying data as read from file or switch off to use the internal scheduler *.
  • Improved compatability with MS Project scheduling
  • Adjustments to minimize differences in rendering .mpp and respective .xml files are done.
  • Rendering of split tasks is improved.
  • Change of setup program. Administrative priveledges to install are no longer required **.


*Show Raw Data should be off in the following cases: (i) If an MS Project file is saved without having been recomputed before saving, and (ii) When files are not saved/created (broadly speaking) by MS Project and/or are created by some other means.

Tests over a few thousand files show that when Show Raw Data is ON the overall differences is some 12% percent higher than when it is OFF, irrespective of the origin of the files - created by MS Project or otherwise.

** It may be necessary to move the setup file out of the Downloads folder or change the permissions of the Downloads folder, before running setup.

Known issues from previous versions have been resolved.

Issues found in v1809

  1. Error in treating milestones. Workaround: None.fixed
  2. Special case of (valid) bar splits should not be displayed as such. (Workaround: Switch off Bar splits).fixed
  3. "Show Raw Data" should be "Use Raw Data".fixed
  4. Some buttons (Task paths and Show) in the task bar not correctly initialized after a view is changed. (Workaround: reselect the buttons)fixed
  5. Correction to the definition of Driving Predecessorfixed
  6. Some resources show up as overallocated when they are not. (Workaround: None)fixed


Change log: