Privacy Policy

We do not share personal or business information and do not hold any information other than the information necessary for regular conduct of business. Such information may or may not be stored in electronic form.

We collect non-personalised data necessary for licensing purposes. For certain products we may require volunteered personalised data.

We do not accept and do not collect any credit card information. Payments are made through third party services, e.g. PayPal.

We accept and store emails for support and feedback purposes through the employed support system. The user can delete his or her profile at any time. The user may examine his or her personal data through his or her profile. Any personal data or information pertaining to purchases that are a matter of financial record cannot be deleted. Such information will be kept for the minimum period pursuant to applicable legislation. Deleted profiles may have been been archived and will not be subject of any processing.

Note: Some of the above mentioned operations will be available when the respective functionality is turned on.


We comply with the EU legislation and guidelines on Cookies in the EU and do not use cookies to gather personal information about users. Cookies used are consent exempt.

From time to time we may use Google Analitics and respective cookies. When this happens the respective cookie notification and/or consent request will be issued. When such is not issued then Google Analytics is not employed.

User Data

If you submit project files in connection with issues found in our software and the project files contain confidential information or information containing data, which is or may be covered by the relevant country official state secrets act, contact us for a special arrangement. Files send by email must contain declaration that the sender is either the owner or of the files or is authorized to send us the file for the purpose of investigating the issues. User files may be used in future tests by Taktone after being stripped of all personal data and data which may indicate the purpose and nature of the project, e.g. task names, resource names and respecive notes, emails, notes, etc