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The 1 Project Viewer is a simple to use viewer for Microsoft Project files directed at staff and project stakeholders who need to view and be informed about project progress and relevant details throughout the project's lifecycle. The project viewer can be utilized in project reviews, progress tracking and other activities which affect the project plan and tracking. throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The 1 Project Viewer contains extensive set of features for project viewing and analysis, comparable to those of MS Project. The Viewer helps identify issues that may require change requests, and/or other actions that have bearing on the project, whilst preserving project's integrity and full retention of control by the Project Manager. The 1 Project Viewer It provides visualisation functionality that goes beyond the available elsewhere. The powerful viewing capabilities allow you to view and examine .mpp files (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019) with views that can be imported and/or saved for future use. MSPDI (.xml) files can also be viewed in any of the predefined or user defined styles. The set of visualisation features can be found only in specialised software worth hundreds of dollars as add-ons to MS Project. The standard views - Gantt diagrams, Usage sheets, Network graphs, Resource graphs, Team views, etc. are fully configurable and are available in a variety of flavours to suit every taste.

The 1 Project Viewer is a directed at all project stakeholders, who need to be informed about projects state and progress. It can be used by managers, accountants, project engineers, tasked personnel or anyone who has vested interest in the projects under review.

The 1 Project Viewer works with or without MS Project and is a substantially less pricey option than MS Project for viewing .mpp and MSPDI (.xml) files by non-management personel. The 1 Project Viewer is backed by detailed documentation and prompt customer support. No special training in using MS Project is necessary. The 1 Project Viewer helps project stakeholders keep work on the go. Learn more »

Note: Features may be added or removed without notice.


The 1 Project Viewer provides a rich set of user configurable views, among which are: Gantt charts for Planning, Tracking and Critical path display, Calendar, WBS, Network, Relationships, Task Usage, Tracking Gantt, Resource sheet with RBS, Resource Usage, Resource Graphs, etc.,

Each of the above views can be combined with the relevant tables of choice to create new or modify existing combination views, with the available visualy attractive variations.

All views are user configurable. The configurations can be saved and loaded at will. One can create and use common visual configurations that are standard in your company or in your partners organization.

Detail views are provided for each project entity, e.g. task, resource, assignment, project, etc. and are availble for all user selectable items. These provides an easy way to interact with the current project.


Comprehensive editors are made available for Gantt bars and Newtork boxes. These allow fine editing of graphic entities when presentations demand something special. Graphic entities are part of the views and saving a view also results in the uptodate saving of the graphic entities.

Printing and Publishing

Each of the above views can be published to .html and printed in PDF, XPS or any other format that your copy of Windows supports.

Reports are user configurable and allow relevant entity data to be easily configured and used. Each report type is based on the relevant tables and their modification is reflected automatically in the reports


All goodies, such as progress lines, task paths and task display options, baselines and respective analysis are availble.

Supported Languages

English, French, German, Russian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian. Language can be changed dynamically, without the need to restart the program.


Substantial effort has been made in abstracting UI commands, such that command analogues are available in every view.


Documentation is available here, and is also accessible from the viewer.


Updates will be published regularly every other week or so whilst in beta.


If you find a bug you can send brief description of bugs and/or comments to support@taktone.com. We respond within 48 hours from receiving bug description via email.

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